Key Features

Website Speed Optimization
Page load speed is one of the most critical parts when it comes to your websites. CDN reduces latency by routing data through globally distributed Points of Presence (PoPs) using automated network mapping and intelligent routing.
Improving Web Security
CDN security helps you to provide your visitors with a secure and faster web browsing experience. You can try our bespoke Anti-DDoS and WAF solutions to boost security with traffic encryption and access controls.
Synthetic Monitoring
CDN's log monitoring solution consolidates all your systems and apps into one easy-to-use interface, allowing you troubleshooting faster. HiCloud provides total insight throughout your complicated architecture with cost-effective, scalable centralised logging.


Global Node Coverage
HiCloud collaborates with 6 major public cloud service providers, provides global CDN solutions and cloud platforms, delivering websites and web applications to over 99% of the world within milliseconds with thousands of PoPs worldwide.
HiCloud provides the most flexible and cost-effective pay-as-you-go CDN pricing. This feature not only allows you to exactly adjust costs to meet your business strategy, budget, and needs, but it also allows for flexibility and nearly unlimited growth. The cost is determined by the amount of CDN traffic delivered by each configured PoPs.
Precise Scheduling
CDN allocates scheduling domains that improve the overall speed of sites. It supports portal information, multimedia music and video, games, mobile apps, and other sites. Real-time data scheduling and node-level traffic prediction improve scheduling accuracy.
Comprehensive Protection
Our CDN solutions with 24/7 enterprise-level end-to-end tamper-prevention for HTTPS links and node content to secure transfer between the origin server and client. Nodes verify the source file's correctness while HTTPS protects links from intermediaries.


No. of countries/regions covered
No. of cities covered
Regional edge caches
AWS CloudFront has a global network of 450+ PoPs and 13 regional edge caches in 90+ cities across 48 countries.
Washington, D.C

How It Works


Large File Transfer
CDN can accelerate the file transfer of files larger than 20 MB. It is ideal for game installation packages, app installation and update packages, mobile phone ROM updates, etc.
Image & Small Pieces of File Transfer
CDN can be used to speed up the transfer of images and smaller pieces of file for websites like web portals, e-commerce sites, and news websites.
Video & Audio Transfer
CDN provides excellent delivery of audio and video content, with the highest quality, to thousands of users simultaneously, including video hosting websites, online education platforms, and short-video social media platforms.
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