Unlimited Storage
MongoDB distributes and stores data across numerous physical devices via distributed computing. Increase the flexibility of your storage space by realizing unlimited storage capacity.
Multi-Document Processing in Real Time
Hicloud MongoDB leverages ACID to secure the file model's flexibility and speed, and the transaction functionality to enable non-blocking read and write, allowing you to improve read and write performance with no latency.
Integrated monitoring
MongoDB provides indicator monitoring in three dimensions, including single-column mode, primary node and secondary node, providing you with professional integrated data monitoring.


High Scalability
When it comes to processing website data, blog comments, geographic information systems, etc. MongoDB excels due to its powerful real-time search, modification, addition, and deletion capabilities.
Solving Data Silos
With MongoDB, developers can finally leave the burden of data silos and sprawl behind and truly unlock the value of data through a unified development experience.
Fully Managed Operation
MongoDB integrated with OpenAPI offers a new, fully managed way to build data-centric apps and services. Now developers can simply think of their data in terms of an API.
Configuration and Maintainance
MongoDB offers you a one-stop solution with routine management operations, including updating your MongoDB deployment's configuration and maintenance.

How It Works


MongoDB integrated with Sharding technology allows MongoDB to support high throughput operations on large data sets, powers video games that are globally available, run at massive scale, and can be updated frequently.
Mobile Applications
MongoDB integrated with 2d geographical indexes enables the association of documents with locations in two-dimensional space, allowing for quick querying of geographic location relationships and searching of user geographic location data to support the business demands of mobile apps.
Live Streaming
MongoDB can be utilized in a live streaming scenario as it enables all the users’ live streaming data to be saved in MongoDB, and other metrics are used to measure players’ activity and interaction. Due to MongoDB’s Flexible Structure and Extensive Query Model, MongoDB could keep user profiles more effectively.
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